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Bill Clark's Gaming Wiki

Page history last edited by Bill Clark 3 years, 1 month ago

Welcome and Well-Met!

Welcome to my Gaming Wiki. This wiki is my area on the web for documenting and sharing D&D game content for the games I run and play in. Originally intended for a single campaign I was running in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting, the site has grown to include other campaigns as well. In addition, I will be expanding the site to include other role-playing games and other games, primarily board wargames, that I like and play.


This Wiki started with a long running D&D Campaign set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting publish by Kenzer & Co.. It ended in the almost total destruction of the party. You can find details of that campaign at the bottom of this page in the section The Older Campaigns. New campaigns will be now chronicled here.


  1. The Coin Trilogy 5e - a weekend, once a month-ish game for some friends from college.
  2. Thursday Night Gaming - a weekly game with a new group of people from the Gamers Of Northern New Jersey local Meetup group. 


Now a little background.


Adventures in Kalamar! is the name I have given to the Thursday evening group that I formed to play a little more often than the once a month weekend group. Actually, it was my wife's idea, since she saw that I wanted to play more often. I am extremely fortunate that she supports my hobby and has even started participating in it. I thank her profusely for the support and love her even more for trying to play and finding out it is fun.


Here, from this page, you will find write-ups of the characters everyone plays, the session logs of our games, and other information.


The Old Game

This game was using the 3.5 Edition of the Dungeon & Dragons role-playing game published by Wizards of the Coast. Additional information about this game and the way we play can be found by following the links below.


House House Rules

House Game Rules

System Reference Document


The Settings


Ashfar is the name of the world where the latest campaign is set. It is a background setting for the campaign adventure I am running and at this point in time, I am not putting a large amount of information here about it. The reason for this is the campaign is only about to start, I do not want the players to know much about the campaign itself (some of the information involved would give too much away) and the characters will start off without knowing each other and what it is they will be doing. As time progresses and the characters learn about what is going on, I will finally add additional information here about the world and the setting. In the mean time, you can follow the Ashfar link to find out some background information on the world itself as well as the gods of the campaign.






Greyhawk, the original campaign world, the one that started it all. I will be playing in this world, in the Savage Tides Adventure Path. Details of the world itself and the campaign will be post as we go along.


Kingdoms of Kalamar

Kingdoms of Kalamar is a medieval fantasy setting fundamentally based on realism. Its recent history encompasses the proliferation of 6 human races (subraces really - they're all human) throughout the world of Tellene. It also includes all of the standard fantasy races of D&D, like elves and dwarves and a few new ones unique to Kalamar like half-hobgoblins. In fact full-blooded hobgoblins are also a prevalent civilized race with their own independent kingdoms. The most advanced societies use steel, including plate armor, and can fashion complex siege weapons. Less advanced groups may still be using bronze or even stone tools. There is no gunpowder. But then again, who needs gunpowder when you've got magic? Magic exists and has certainly influenced the history of the world. Wizards and sorcerers are not overly common; Tellene's inhabitants accept most unusual and seemingly inexplicable events as the work of one of the gods rather than arcane magic. In smaller communities, the townsfolk easily confuse wizards and especially sorcerers with clerics, and arcane spells may be misconstrued as miracles or portents of the gods. In fact, the pantheon of deities is one of the aspects of Kalamar that makes it unique. Merely reading through the pantheon of Kalamaran deities will give players and Dungeon Masters alike inspiration for untold gaming sessions and adventures.


Those looking for the Kingdoms of Kalamar Calendar that I made in Excel can find it here: KingdomsOfKalamarCalendar.xls


The Older Campaigns

  1. Harvest of Darkness: An ill-fated attempt to start a new Kalamar campaign
  2. Adventures in Kalamar: A long running campaign that ended in a most tragic way.
  3. The Key of Quinari: A Dragonlance campaign for my son, daughter and 7 of their friends. Currently on hiatus.
  4. Savage Tide: A Greyhawk Adventure path campaign where I will be a player along with my son. Currently on hiatus
  5. Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde: Another Greyhawk campaign I will be a player in with my son, since the Savage Tide campaign is currently on hold, much to my dismay as I was really enjoying it. Currently on hiatus
  6. Go 4th Into The Unknown: A brand new 4th edition campaign that I will be playing in with both my son and daughter. For the first time in over 30 years, I will be a first time player in a new addition. I am refusing to even look through the Dungeon Masters Guide or the Monster Manual so that I can be surprised by meeting all those things in those books during game play, something I have not had the chance to do in so, soo, sooo long. It looks like it will be a group of seven characters, incuding so far: Dragonborn Rogue, Dragonborn Warlock, Eladrin Wizard, Elf Ranger and Elf Fighter. Currently the other two characters are leaning towards a Warlord and another Warlock. This campaign should be starting up at the beginning of July. While this game did start and have a couple of sessions, it ended up dying for a number of reasons.
  7. The Drow War: Another, more standard fare, heroic fantasy campaign for the same gaming group. The first of three major story arcs have been completed and the group is now about 10th level on average. They stopped an invasion by a house of Drow with the heroic sacrifice of one of the characters. But, there was little down time before the Drow surfaced again, in much greater numbers...
  8. Adventures in Kalamar III  - A campaign that suffered a mostly TPK and released a dreaded Lich named Devron to consume the city of Geanavue. Details on the campaign can be found through the link. 
  9. Lost Mine Of Phandelver - our group's official try of the new D&D Rules to see if we really like them. 
  10. Roslof Keep - this is the latest campaign centered around a series of adventures from The Folio kickstarter. We are continuing to use the 5th Edition Dungeon & Dragon rules, with some house rules thrown in. Currently on hiatus as we work through meeting time issues. Our traditional evening for play is becoming more difficult for the DM.


You can see details about each of these games by clicking on the links above. 

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